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Monday, 26 January 2009 18:23

January 28 marks the anniversary of the Council of Europe Convention on Data Protection (No. 108) , the most important international law for privacy.

More than 40 countries have ratified the Convention since 1981, including Macedonia. Many more countries around the world should support the Convention (including the United States)

Please support the International Privacy Day on January 28 and join the global movement. Request that our government protects the privacy of all Internet users!

The following activities were suggested by Public Voice:

1. Those on Facebook, could join "International Privacy Day" Event. Invite your friends. share your knowledge about privacy    with them. Many resources are being placed online.

2. Blog about "January 28: International Privacy Day. Real Problems,Real Solutions" and celebrate the anniversary of the    Council of Europe Convention on Data Protection.

3. Discuss a Real Privacy Problem (e.g. data retention, communication surveillance, traveler profiling, etc) and a Real    Privacy Solution (e.g. privacy enhancing techniques)

4. Invite more bloggers, twitters to write about January 28 and Real Privacy Problems and Real Privacy Solutions. Link to    these posts.

5. Post the Facebook Event as an article in your Facebook profile.

6. Promote the “Privacy - January 28” banner.

7. Post a Privacy Video and explain its importance to your friends.

8. Organize a campaign in your own community

9. Watch a privacy movie with friends and discuss it. Here are a few of our favorites -"Gattaca," "Enemy of the State," "The Lives of Others," "Eagle Eye"

Below you can find links to the articles of everybody from Macedonia interested in joining the campaign:

Razvigor.blog.com.mk - „Акција: 28 јануари, Меѓународен ден за заштита на приватноста“ 25 јануари, 2009.

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