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Tuesday, 28 June 2005 01:00
Macedonian search engine Najdi! offers new opportunity for searching through Macedonian blogs on the site

Macedonian search engine Najdi! offers new opportunity for having an insight in Macedonian blogs at the site. Blogs are diary-like websites where people publish thoughts or news. They are easy to use and free. Blogs are very popular, especially in Europe and USA. There is a debate whether bloggers should be afforded "journalist" status in Europe and USA.

Blog-aggregator works as simple search. Other Macedonian web site functioning as blog- aggregator is Macedonian GNU/Linux Planet.

Among more important blogs indexed by Najdi! Are the blogs of Ana-Marija Svetozarov, Jovan Petrov, Ivica Anteski, Sandra of 103, Bukaro, as well as collaborative project, such is the project run by the communications’ students.

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