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"European Privacy and Human Rights (EPHR) 2010" is a report published by Privacy International, EPIC, and the Center for Media and Communications Studies (CMSC) of the Central European University, investigating the scope of privacy and data protection laws a in Europe. The study includes 33 individual reports covering issues from privacy enforcement to ID cards, biometrics, and data-sharing and video surveillance The study ranks privacy protection across the European Union (EU) and other European countries, including Republic of Macedonia. The section on Macedonia has been prepared by Metamorphosis Foundation in cooperation with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection and the Legal Program of Foundation Open Society Macedonia.
file icon Privacy in Macedonia in 2008 01/29/2009 Hits: 2662
Macedonia: Privacy Developments in 2008
Report by Metamorphosis Foundation for EDRI

Even though the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and the Law on
Personal Data Protection (LPDP), the Criminal Code, Law on Organization and
Operation of State Administrative Bodies and other laws recognize and protect
the rights of privacy, data protection and secrecy of communications, the
implementation of these protections has met with major difficulties during 2008.
“Inclusive eGovernment is about using digital technologies to provide public services which improve people’s lives, encourage participation in the local community, strengthen democracy and help those at risk of exclusion from society.” – European Commission
Regional Inclusive eGovernment Roadmap is a product of the Western Balkans Network for Inclusive eGovernment Project, supported by the East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program of the Open Society Institute, and led by the Metamorphosis Foundation. The project activities included information gathering, analysis and networking, through the activities of project partners, the Third International Conference e-Society.Mk (29-30 November 2007 in Skopje) and six workshops in the country capitals (23 November – 20 December 2007) which facilitated exchange of know-how and experiences between stakeholders from the region and from the European Union.
Report on Macedonia included in the Privacy and Human Rights 2007: An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Developments, published by EPIC and Privacy International.

Edited by Katitza Rodriguez Pereda.

Contributors: Bardhyl Jashari, Filip Stojanovski, Neda Korunovska, Dance Danilovska, Marijana Marushic, Elena Stojanovska, Vesna Paunkovska
file icon Open Access - Briefing Paper 10/02/2006 Hits: 11182

This document is published by JISC  

The World Wide Web has provided the means for researchers to make their research results available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This applies to journal articles regardless of whether or not their library has a subscription to the journal in which the articles were published as well as to other types of research output such as conference papers, theses or research reports. This is known as Open Access.

Report by

Prof. Dr Marjan Gusev, M.Sc. Goce Armenski
University Sts Cyril and Methodius, PMF Informatics

This study was supported by Metamorphosis – Foundation for Information Society
Skopje, April 2006.

 In order to analyze the current situation of eGovernment in Western Balkan Countries (WBC) the authors used eGovernment benchmarks, analyses of National Information Society (IS) Strategies and performed a study on implementation level of eGovernment.

EU methodology developed by Capgemini to measure online sophistication of basic public online services and percentage of fully available online services was used to evaluate four WBC (Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina), comparing their progress in the area of eGovernment services with the EU countries. The authors also analyzed the respective National IS Strategies, especially those parts which cover realization of eGovernment concepts. This study analyzes the action plans level of implementation and also presents several issues given by Stability Pact eSEE initiative.

By analyzing current situation the authors identify real essential problems and provide guidelines for better implementation of eGovernment services in WBC.

This document shows the most important results of the analysis of the Macedonian domains as of January 1st, 2006, based on publicly available data gathered from the site of MARNet, Macedonian domain registrar.
The analysis demonstrates a clear trend of increase of number of secondary and tertiary level domains within the .MK domain space, with the business domains as leading type. It also shows correlation of the domain increse in comparison with significant ICT policy events, and points out to the issue of ownership of .MK domains, as well as abberations of the policy for domain name creation.

Available in English, Macedonian and Albanian. 

Опис на стратегијата и акциониот план за развој на информатичко општество.
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